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Bike from the boss
An unusual pilot program in a Wrocław Company

Grzegorz Szermiński goes to work by bike. There would be nothing unusual about it if not for the fact that the bicycle was bought for him by the boss of the company that employs him.

I am certain that bicycling influence the health of my employee in a positive way - Says Paweł Kolasa, Hortico Company Chairman.

The idea to persuade the boss to buy me a bike came from my colleague Grzegorz Szermiński who is an active promoter of the Bicycle Movement. With his help he persuaded the boss that going to work by bike will have a positive effect on his health and work efficiency.

I work in the sales department and before that I also went to work by bike, but my bike was a lumber. It broke far too often. I also have a car but I really do like bicycling to work. I do it after work as well, as a kind of relaxation and sport- tells us Grzegorz. His road from home in Nowy Dwór town to work is 8 km long.

The Company benefits.

Grzegorz is a bike-lover, but I was persuaded not only by his enthusiasm says Paweł Kolasa , the Hortico Company Chairman.

I know that bicycling influences in a positive way the decrease of stress level and improves health; and if my employee enjoys good health and well-being, the company benefits. Such an employee works better.


Bike from the boss
An unusual pilot program in a Wrocław Company


Hortico spent 1000 PLN on it’s employee’s bike. There is also a proper backup in the company where the employee may wash himself up after the ride. The Company has also ordered a bicycle stand to place it outside the Company seat. If I lived in Wrocław, I would also go to work by bike - says another company?s employee.

We asked whether the remaining employees can count on receiving a business bike.

A Bike for Grzegorz is a pilot program. If others will ask for such a gift, they will have to persuade me that they will also go to work by bike on regular basis, just as Grzegorz does - replies Paweł Kolasa.
The Chairman himself enjoys bicycling but he does it only in his leisure time together with his family.
- The distance between my home and workplace is 26 km long, which is a bit too much a for an everyday bicycle ride.


Bicycles and billions

The idea to encourage an employee to use a bike is a very good one indeed. Such a policy has been used for years by Western Europe institutions and companies - comments Cezary Grochowski from the Lower Silesia Eco-development Foundation, which propagates bicycle movement, among others by building bicycle parking lots outside schools. In the Scandinavian countries the office workers receive from the local institutions some financial supplements for bicycling to work - he adds.

In the publications prepared by the European Commission, on big cities, in can be read that "that companies in which the employees use bicycles are more productive". To compare the estimated losses quantities in companies caused by traffic jams is overwhelming. For example car jams in the London City area, according to the CBI’s (Confederation of British Industry) calculations, cause time and production loses of 10 billions Euro each year.

- Companies whose employees bicycle to work, usually do not have such losses, because cyclists do not have to wait in traffic jams - sums up Grochowski.

Bartosz Wawryszuk