About the company


and warehouse in Wrocław Gieldowa street

HORTICO company established in 1991 deals with horticultre supply. Our customers are professional growers, shops and garden centers. We distribute the best brend in horticulture.

HORTICO is active on the whole Polish area especially in the south and central Poland in regions like (Wrocław, Kalisz, Lublin). Apart from Poland we are selling in:

Ukraine via local HORTICO office in Lvov, in Russia and Belarus via distributors.


Main office and the horticultural warehouse are located in the new building at the DCHRS Ltd. area (The Lower Silesia Agricultural and Food Industry Wholesale Center) In Wrocław at the Giełdowa 12H Street.

We have specialized branch of our company:

Warehosee in Lublin

- supplying goods for proffesional and hobby horticulture
Lublin, Kasprowicza Street 98

Branch Office in Kalisz
- specialized in intensive cultivation in greenhoses
Kalisz, Niedźwiady 1B Street

HORTICO Horticultural Depot for proffesional growers
Wrocław, Obornicka 235-237 Street

HORTICO Horticulture Equipment Depot and Service
- dealer &service for brand EFCO, ETESIA, SOLO, STIGA

Wrocław, Karmelkowa 66 Street

Box no. 64 in the flower auction, hall no. 2

- supplying florist shops
Wrocław, Giełdowa Street 12

Garden centers (retail depots) net under brand     

- garden centers under brend owned by HORTICO