Meeting of greenhouse tomato growers in Biała Panieńska 20/07/2018

On July 20, 2018, in the Hotel Biały Dwór in Biała Panieńska, was held a meeting for greenhouse tomato growers organized by Monsanto (owner of the De Ruiter brand), Grodan, Prayon and Bioline, of which HORTICO has the exclusive distribution in Poland. About 150 people took part in it and the subject concerned both production technology and trends among tomato consumers.

At the beginning, Dr Marta Repelewicz-Szybkowska from De Ruiter presented the results of a consumer test for a variety of raspberry tomato Tomimaru Muchoo F1, in which this variety took first place for its taste. Then Dr Katarzyna Tykarska-Duchowska representing the same company informed that De Ruiter is also working on new tomatoes in this type, which results is among others tested for two years in Poland, the variety that will be offered under the name Fujimaru Muchoo F1 – characterized by strong vigor and intended for cultivation in modern high greenhouses. During the presentation, were also mentioned the advantages of vaccination tomato on rootstocks, which allows to obtain a strong root system and healthy top of the plants, making the plants less sensitive to blossom-end rot and produce better quality fruit.

Next, Mieczysław Banach from Grodan presented new solutions in the production of substrates in NG2.0 technology, allowing for faster first hydration and improved water distribution in the entire volume of the slabs. Among the products recommended by Grodan to emphasize, due to the exceptional benefits for the user, found a double density slab – GT Master 10 cm.

In the second part of the meeting, the representative of the Prayon company, Mr. Kurt Verhelst, dedicated his presentation to the Hortipray® micronutri Fe fertilizer, a new product that PRAYON has been working on for the last few years. He presented the latest, very favorable for gardeners results of fertilization with polyphosphates in soilless cultivation and he emphasized that these compounds should in the near future replace commonly used iron chelates, whose impact on the environment can be very negative. In the studies cited by him, among others in the Netherlands, it was observed that the use of these polyphosphates in addition to the excellent iron nutrition, influenced on the higher level of calcium in the fruit, which significantly reduced blossom-end rot. In addition to Calcium, the study confirmed a higher content Iron in fruits and microelements such as Zinc and Manganese, which reduces production costs. Another advantage that a gardener obtains „by the way” of using Micronutri Fe is maintaining a better permeability of irrigation systems and decontamination, which reduces the risk of infection by viruses transported by the nourishment.

Then Sylwia Domańska and Caroline Ried from Bioline during the lecture entitled “Program for the protection of cucumber with the use of previously used and new biological protection products and new solutions in the biological protection of tomato” discussed threats from Tuta absoluta and the possibility of biological plant protection in greenhouses, forewarning against the recently observed reduction in the effectiveness of chemical agents on this pest. Also were presented the advantages of using the Zentinel pheromone trap and Macrolophus pygmaeus – effective in addition to the Tuta absoluta also on Trialeurodes vaporariorum, Phytomyza and Tetranychus urticae. Also mentioned was a new, very effective, pheromone trap for Tuta absoluta – ISONET T, which is already used in England. Sylwia Domańska devoted a lot of attention to the use of Trichogramma – a new insect in the Bioline offer, which feeds on Tuta absoluta larvae. This product is called Tricholine and is the only one insect used in greenhouse crops to fight Tuta absoluta. All Bioline products are distributed in Poland by HORTICO SA.

The meeting ended with a gala dinner and a dance evening, whose star was a participant of the program „Mam talent”, Piotr Denisiuk.

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