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Horticultural substrates

Horticultural substrates

Grodan mineral wool

Grodan mineral wool

HORTICO S.A., as a company operating for many years in the field of horticulture, introduces modern technologies to the Polish horticulture market with great commitment, paying particular attention to their ecological nature. The result of this work is close cooperation with Grodan, a producer of new generation growing substrates and solutions for producers of vegetables under cover who want to obtain high yields, excellent quality and ecological product.

The permanent offer of Grodan substrates includes:

Grodan Cress Plate

The Grodan Cress Plate is a stone wool substrate for the cultivation of the so-called microgreens – microleves. Microleaves are plant seedlings at the stage of at least two true leaves. Their cultivation is becoming more and more popular due to their nutritional and decorative qualities. In terms of production, the fact that the production cycle is short is attractive. Production requires greenhouse conditions and the highest possible sterility. Growing in wool helps to protect plants against soil pathogens, moreover, it guarantees a product that does not need to be cleaned of substrate residues and ensures optimal and even moisture conditions.

The key benefits of using Cress Plate mats are:

  • quick and easy germination thanks to the stable wool structure
  • even distribution of water throughout the product thanks to the uniform density
  • even crop growth

Cress Plate mats are available in two sizes. Product details in the table below.

ProductCollective packageLength [mm]Width [mm]Height [mm]Quantity in a boxm3
Cress plate 495x240x10karton49524010950,115
Cress plate 595x395x10karton59539510500,118

Grodan sticks

Grodan sticksGrodan sticks are a guarantee of homogeneity and reliability. They provide an ideal basis for process automation, uniform germination and ensure a high percentage of seedlings suitable for quilting. The form and strength of the sticks are at the highest level, which greatly facilitates both machine and manual production of seedlings. Each stick has the same density, strength and fiber structure. So the level of moisture, nutrients and the pH value are also the same. This has a positive effect on sprouting.

The vertical structure of the fibers provides the desired protection for each root. The practical advantage of quilting is that the finger keeps its shape, fits perfectly around the ankle and ensures rapid growth. The favorable balance of small and large pores in stone wool ensures an ideal proportion of air and water in the fingers. The structure of the fiber allows the water and nutrients to be evenly distributed throughout the finger. Thus, Grodan sticks, thanks to their homogeneity, flexibility, form and strength, constitute an excellent basis for an optimal germination process and uniform growth of seedlings.

Products for the production of seedlings

Grodan Delta®

Grodan Delta

The Grodan Delta forms the basis of the controlled cultivation of healthy plants. Each cube has the same density, flexibility and stiffness, which ensures even distribution of water, nutrients and a constant pH value. This results in a uniform high quality of the crop.

The Grodan Delta substrate enables the plant producer to optimally manage the air and water supply. Due to the combination of small and large pores in the block, the roots always receive sufficient water and air. The block humidity can be precisely regulated. Thanks to the optimal arrangement of the pores, there is an even supply of water and food throughout the volume of the cube. This makes it possible to regulate fertilization and the pH value, which supports the development of plants and the root system during cultivation. An even, vertical structure of the fibers provides the roots with equal conditions. This results in a regular distribution of the roots throughout the cube.

Grodan Plantop Delta®

Grodan Plantop Delta

Grodan Plantop Delta is a unique line of cubes for growing vegetable seedlings, which is an ideal solution for seedling producers and gardeners who have the highest requirements for their crops. The cubes produced based on the “New Generation” technology provide great benefits including improved product homogeneity, optimal root development and restoration capability.

The Grodan Plantop Delta substrate, thanks to the unique hydrophilic properties of the fibers, allows easy soaking and absorption of water, resulting in an even WC and EC within a single cube and between the ankles. The result is a plant with increased root activity and a greater plant weight. The “Next Generation” technology used causes the WC distribution along the entire ankle height to be improved by 12%, and the EC by 30%. A more balanced air-water ratio affects the even growth and development of the plant. The unique structure of the fibers allows young plants to use the entire volume of the cube, the roots can overgrow the cube evenly and quickly, ensuring a healthy and less susceptible to diseases root system and increasing by 25% of the amount of hair roots in the bottom layer of the ankle. Increased resaturation capacity enables a better possibility of changing the water capacity of the substrate, giving the seedling producer the opportunity to control the plants towards vegetative or generative growth depending on the conditions, and the gardener with additional possibilities in the first stage of tomato cultivation.

Cultivation mats

Grotop Master®

Cultivation mats - Grotop MasterThe one-year mat with a unique two-layer structure Grotop Master is a solution designed for gardeners who want to vegetatively and generatively stimulate plants thanks to professional water management. By easily adjusting the water content to the requirements of the season, the maximum profitability of the crops can be maintained throughout the year.

Optimization of the re-soaking process and equal humidity in the entire cross section of the mat allow for easy renewal of the medium, also in poor light conditions, the desired EC level can be achieved with the minimum doses of water. This leads to an efficient use of water and fertilizers and reduces fluctuations in the EC value of the mat. The two-layer structure of the Grotop Master – a dense top layer and a strong air-filled, loose bottom layer – ensures the uniformity of WC and EC values. As a result, the roots are evenly distributed throughout the mat. High absorbency allows you to obtain a healthy plant with high growth force.

Grotop Expert®

Cultivation mats Grotop ExpertGrotop Expert cultivation mats The one-year mat with a vertical fiber pattern Grotop Expert is a solution for gardeners who are looking for mats with a wide range of control, a quick start of the production phase and a high growth rate throughout the cultivation period. The properties of unique hydrophilic fibers and their special structure enable better and faster resaturation, which enables an increase in the control range, more roots in the upper mat layer and additional plant growth power.
The specific structure of the fibers in the mat enables the roots to penetrate faster and easier, resulting in homogeneous root development. In the mat, there is noticeable root growth in the middle and lower layers with a significant improvement in their quality, which results in a stronger plant and its greater resistance to diseases. The mat is characterized by an increased EC and WC range that can be easily changed from 50% to 80%. As a result of the increased controllability, in the event of a greater than recommended drop in WC, e.g. due to a fault in the irrigation system, resaturation to greater than 70% is still possible. This property protects the cultivation against harvest losses or deterioration in the condition of the cultivation. Rapid rooting in the mat ensures vegetative development. Increased number of roots, their more even distribution facilitates the uptake of water and nutrients, resulting in increased growth force from the very beginning of the cultivation.

Grodan Vital®

Cultivation mats Grodan VitalGrodan Vital Mats The one-year mat with a vertical fiber pattern Grodan Vital is the best solution for growers looking for a reliable substrate that allows them to use a simple irrigation system that guarantees them a reliable yield throughout the entire cultivation period. It is an extremely versatile mat that is perfect for growing vegetables such as tomatoes, cucumbers, sweet peppers and eggplants.
The specificity of the mat enables the operation of a versatile irrigation system, resulting in the possibility of crop control using a simple irrigation strategy. The mat allows a variable level of humidity oscillating within a safe framework from 55% to 78% (daily level). If the moisture level in the mat is too low, it can be quickly brought back to the desired level at any time. A large water buffer and excellent resaturation maintains the appropriate level of water capacity, ensuring that the plants are always sufficiently hydrated. The surface activity of the mat contributes to the maintenance of uniform moisture throughout its volume. The structure with exposed fibers allows the roots to easily penetrate the mat and their rapid development, guaranteeing uniform crop development and stronger plants with greater vitality. In addition, the hard structure of the mat guarantees constant growth of the roots upwards.

Grodan Classic Forte®

Cultivation mats Grodan Classic ForteThe Grodan Classic Forte is a single-layer mat intended for professional vegetable cultivation. Manufactured using the patented “New Generation” technology, the mat offers vegetable growers a number of significant benefits, including durability, homogeneity, and a wide range of WC and EC control.
The Grodan Classic Forte mat owes its excellent properties to unique hydrophilic fibers, thanks to which the substrate absorbs water more easily. The new structure of the fibers increases the durability of the mat. The consequence of the increased scope of control and the leveling of WC and EC is a strong root system, resulting in a plant characterized by high vigor. The Grodan Classic Forte mat is very easy to re-soak in both standard conditions and in unexpected cases of failure of the irrigation system. i cant. The mat’s humidity control range is 55-75%. This guarantees a stable and safe level of the toilet of the mat, so that producers never come across flooded or dry ground. The Grodan Classic Forte mat is an ideal solution for demanding vegetable producers looking for a solid substrate that guarantees them the certainty of growing.

Grodan Classic®

Cultivation mats Grodan ClassicGrodan Classic cultivation mats The Grodan Classic is a single-layer mat for professional vegetable cultivation. Manufactured using the patented “New Generation” technology, this product offers vegetable growers a number of significant benefits, including increased homogeneity, better root system, and greater ability to be restored or re-soaked.
The density and structure of the Grodan Classic mat makes it ideal for frequent irrigation. Moreover, the new fibers facilitate and shorten the time of this process. Producers do not have to worry about the risk of a wet or dry mat: throughout the development of the plant, the water content remains constant, between 60 and 70%. Nevertheless, even with frequent watering, the mat always contains the right amount of air. The Grodan Classic mat is the perfect solution for demanding vegetable growers, allowing for a simple irrigation strategy and easy drainage.

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