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Horticultural substrates

Horticultural substrates

Klasmann substrates

Klasmann substrates

Specialized substrates for professional cultivation of ornamental plants and vegetables. They are used for cultivation in greenhouses, foil tunnels and hothouses.

Our range of Klasmann substrates includes:

  • substrates for sowing
  • young plant quilt substrates
  • substrates for growing plants in pots
  • acid peat
  • deacidified peat

The individual groups of substrates differ in: the type of peat, the degree of its fragmentation, the content of nutrients, pH and the supplementary components used.

For production we use the highest quality high peat, depending on the needs of the plant with a different degree of decomposition and structure. Among the components used for the production of substrates, we can distinguish: clay, perlite, coconut fibers, sand, chalk, fertilizers.

The detailed composition of the Klasmann substrates is tailored to the needs and requirements of individual plant species. This ensures optimal conditions for development in each phase of plant growth. Professional equipment for the extraction and processing of peat allows you to obtain a substrate with a constant, repeatable composition.

Klasmann substrates guarantee even plant growth over the entire cultivation area. These characteristics of substrates and other Klasmann products have been confirmed by the DIN EN ISO 9001: 2000 Quality Certificate.
Our company’s offer includes substrates adapted to the requirements of almost every plant,

Packaging: 200l bags

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