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Company profile

Existing since 1991, HORTICO company operates on the wholesale and retail market for gardening products. The company’s offer includes a wide range of goods, in particular seeds and seedlings, fertilizers, gardening substrates, biological plant protection products, foils and nonwovens, plant protection chemicals, gardening equipment, gardening tools, and supplies for nurserymen.

Among our clients are professional producers of greenhouse crops and intensive horticulture, such as vegetable, fruit, and seed farms (profi market). We also supply garden centers and shops, companies dealing with shaping green areas, and individual clients (hobby market).

We are the distributor of the most important manufacturers of horticultural production agents in all groups of offered products. We work with suppliers from all over Europe. We sell in Poland, Hungary, Ukraine and Lithuania.

We implement new horticultural technologies and introduce modern ecological solutions.

We develop our own products under our own brand.

We are the only company in the industry listed on the NewConnect Market operated by the Warsaw Stock Exchange.

Since June 2013, we are a part of the NCLead segment, which associates the largest and most liquid companies listed on New Connect that comply with disclosure obligations and other rules applicable in this trading market.

In contact with our clients, we follow the principle of building long-term relationships based on trust and professional advice.

We have specialized branches of our company:

  •     Hurtownia we Wrocławiu – Wrocław, ul. Giełdowa 12 H
  •     Hurtownia w Lublinie – Lublin, ul. Kasprowicza 98
  •     Hurtownia w Kaliszu – Kalisz, Niedźwiady 1B
  •     Hurtownia ogrodnicza w Rzeszowie – Rzeszów, ul. Rejtana 8
  •     Market Dom i Ogród PSB Mrówka – Wrocław-Psary, ul. Główna 1 C
  •     Market Dom i Ogród PSB Mrówka – Namysłów, Kamienna 1 A
  •     Market Dom i Ogród PSB Mrówka – Kluczbork, ul. Byczyńska 99
  •     Centrum Ogrodnicze w Warszawie – Warszawa, Al. Krakowska 197/199
  •     Centrum Ogrodnicze w Ożarowie Mazowieckim – Duchnice, ul. Ożarowska 81
  •     Centrum Ogrodnicze w Lublinie – Lublin, ul. Zemborzycka 110
  •     Sklep internetowy e-hortico – Wrocław, ul. Giełdowa 12 H

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