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Tools, accessories and equipment for greenhouses

Tools, accessories and equipment for greenhouses

Our offer includes a wide range of tools and accessories that can be used in greenhouse equipment. Among the many products, the most popular ones deserve special attention:

Clips, bows, hooks for tomato grapes

Polypropylene clips

Due to their low price, they are proposed to be used as disposable clips without the need to take them off. Disposable clips save labor and disinfectants. High quality ensures effective plant support throughout the growing period. HORTICLIPER ® UV clips are distinguished by high-quality UV stabilization and repeatable quality.
Unit package: clip 23 mm – cardboard box 11 thousand. pieces, clip 25 mm – cardboard box 9 thousand. pieces.

Tomato bunches

Thanks to the use of arches for tomato grapes, we eliminate the risk of mechanical damage to too heavy grapes. Hard bows put on young bunches stiffen them, thanks to which their strength is increased. Soft bows are easier to set up on older clusters, which are at risk of damage and breakage.
Unit package: soft, hard bow – 20,000 cardboard box pieces.

Hooks for tomato bunches

The hooks effectively strengthen the overloaded cluster by permanently connecting it to the supporting string, and thus to the entire stem.
Unit packaging: cardboard box 7 thousand. pieces.

Polypropylene cord

UV stabilized. It is intended for greenhouses, foil tunnels and hop cultivation. Despite its strength and resistance to solar radiation, it is both soft, thanks to which it does not injure the stems of the supported tomato plants and the greenhouse cucumber. Available colors: white and blue.

Product characteristics

Weight Length Thickness
2 kg 2000 m 1000 tex/1000 m/kg
5 kg 5000 m 1000 tex/1000 m/kg

Leaf cutters

Leaf cutters

Sekator do zbierania owoców

Pipe paint

Paint for painting heating pipes in a greenhouse, also during the growing season.

Robust Japanese secateurs for harvesting fruit

Weight 110 gr, length 190 mm. Red and blue color.

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