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HORTICO won the tender for PLN 18.43 million

HORTICO has signed a contract with the Ścinawa Commune for construction works in the design and build formula under the Ścinawa revitalization contract through the development of urban green areas. The total value of this contract exceeds PLN 18.43 million gross.

The subject of the above order is the development and revalorization of the green system of the city of Ścinawa, including increasing green areas by adapting recreationally undeveloped green areas with a small amount of plants, reconstruction of historic lines of street greenery trees and construction of insulation green belts along the roads. The main goal of the project is to improve the environmental conditions and living conditions of the inhabitants of Ścinawa by increasing the green area contributing to the improvement of air quality, protecting against pollution and noise. An important factor is also the protection of cultural and natural assets, aesthetic aspects and equally important social aspects, which include providing the city’s residents with space for rest, recreation and sports.

Our company has a very experienced managerial and engineering staff for the implementation of this task, and because the contract is carried out in the “design and build” formula, we also engaged our own team of designers. We are convinced that the project in Ścinawa will have a positive impact on our financial results.

“For two years, we have been consistently developing the Department of Construction and Development of Green Areas in the Company,and because we have the necessary competences and resources we are implementing more and more projects in this area. So far, we have mainly conducted projects for developers. The contract with Ścinawa is the first such a large project, the value of which exceeds PLN 18 million gross. We intend to continue to develop this business area and implement more and more such significant projects. This way, we will be able to fulfill the assumptions of our development strategy and increase the value of the entire HORTICO S.A. Group. “ – emphasizes Paweł Kolasa, President of the Supervisory Board of HORTICO S.A.

The company will strive to become an important player in the green area construction industry. In the first stage, it should take place in Lower Silesia, with the possibility of further expansion to other locations of our Capital Group in Poland. We believe that this is a very promising business segment that may enable further growth of the value of the entire Group.

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