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The grand opening of the PSB Mrówka store in Wrocław -Psary

On Saturday, April 7, 2018 at 9:00 a.m., the doors of the 272 Mrówka store in Poland were opened.

Mrówka Wrocław Psary was established on the basis of Galeria Ogrodnicza Zielone Centrum, which has been operating since 2011.

It is a very modern facility with an area of ​​1,300 m2, a sales hall with a large outdoor garden of 1,700 m2. This autumn, the garden section will be expanded by a 600 m2 modern greenhouse with an automatically opening roof. The complex includes the SlowFood Restauracja Zielona restaurant, which has been recognized for many years, and the Green Flower Shop. The investor is the company HORTICO SA from Wrocław, listed on the NewConnect market of the Warsaw Stock Exchange, which, apart from a network of garden wholesalers (Wrocław, Lublin, Kalisz and Rzeszów), runs 4 own garden centers in Wrocław, Warsaw, Ożarów Mazowiecki and Lublin. The newly opened Mrówka was created as a result of the rebranding of GO Zielone Centrum in Wrocław.

As part of the advertising campaign before the opening, there was a distribution of its own alteration of the April advertising newspaper, with a circulation of 18 thousand copies, a billboard campaign on 20 carriers, an advertising campaign on TV screens in public transport buses, advertising at local festivals and fairs taking place in nearby villages before the opening, information in social media and many non-standard activities in which HORTICO has a lot of experience.

The local authorities of the commune, represented by the mayor, and representatives of industry media, including the publisher of Biznes Ogrodniczy, also participated in the opening.

The first customers entered, invited by the announcer and hostesses dressed in ant costumes. In addition to the possibility to do shopping from the April newsletter, there were plenty of attractions waiting for customers. The first customer was awarded and presented with gifts, all customers received beautiful and colorful pansies. During shopping, small company gadgets and candies were distributed, and for each PLN 50 spent, customers received a voucher for a barbecue meal. The lines at the checkout were entertained by the clown Janek and a healthy snack served by waitresses from the Green Restaurant. In front of the store there were attractions for the youngest – face painting, inflatable toys and football tournaments that gave children a lot of joy and satisfaction, while parents devoted themselves to the pleasure of shopping. There were also competitions with attractive prizes – every hour we checked the unusual skills of our clients, e.g. who would keep washing powders on outstretched hands longer. The star attraction was at 5:00 pm, when the results of the “orange concrete mixer” lottery were announced.

On that day, our customers’ baskets were dominated by outdoor plants, garden tools and barbecue accessories.

The weather cooperated, and therefore the attendance of customers did too. The number of visitors to the store throughout the day (9.00 – 19.00) exceeded 3,000 people and the number of the receipts reached 800. On that day, the crew consisted of 21 people.

The great commitment of the team of HORTICO SA employees deserves special recognition.

We are really grateful to all whose involvement in the process enabled us to open PSB Mrówka on time.

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