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HORTICO’s assortment includes Ultrasol® K Plus potassium nitrate for fertigation and Qrop® Plus granulated potassium nitrate produced by SQM.

Ultrasol® K Plus (KNO3) is more effective than other fertilizers, which has been proven by numerous scientific studies. Thanks to its high quality, solubility and technical properties, it is therefore the best choice for sustainable fertilization programs in greenhouse production.

The most important benefits of using it are:

Nitrate nitrogen is the recommended nitrogen source because it is:

  • Nonvolatile
    Contrary to the ammonium form, nitrate is a nonvolatile form and does not need to be attached to the soil for late top dressing or row fertilization.
  • Easily accessible
    Directly absorbed by plants, highest efficiency.
  • It supports the uptake of valuable cations
    While the ammonium form competes for absorption with K, Ca and Mg.
  • It is quickly absorbed by plants
    Nitrogen in the form of urea and ammonium must first undergo chemical changes in the soil before it becomes available to plants.
  • It does not acidify the soil
    In order for the ammonium form to become available to plants, it must first undergo nitrification, a process that increases the acidity of the soil.
  • Limits the uptake of chlorides
    The ammonium form can lead to increased chloride uptake.
  • The conversion of nitrate into amino acids occurs in the leaves
    The ammonium form must be converted into organic nitrogen compounds in the roots, which leads to the theft of carbohydrates from processes that promote plant growth and fruit development.
    Potassium supports photosynthesis, the transport of sugars to the fruit, and plays an important role in the production and accumulation of fats:
  • Supports the production of proteins
    Faster conversion of inorganic nitrogen into proteins.
  • Supports photosynthesis
    Increased CO2 assimilation, resulting in increased sugar production.
  • Intensifies the transport and storage of carbohydrates
    More energy flows from the leaves to the fruit for better yields.
  • It improves the performance of nitrogen fertilizers
    Higher nitrogen efficiency leads to higher yields and counteracts undesirable nitrogen losses to the environment.
  • It improves the efficiency of water use
    It regulates the opening and closing of the stomata, as a result of which less water is needed to produce a kilogram of plant biomass.
  • Supports the synthesis of lycopene
    The synthesis of lycopene gives the fruit an intense red color.

Potassium nitrate Ultrasol® K Plus is an ideal source of potassium for an exceptional harvest thanks to the additional supply of directly available nitrogen in the form of nitrate.

Ultrasol® K Plus is a free-flowing, fine, crystalline potassium nitrate powder that quickly dissolves in water. It is essentially chlorine-free and can be mixed with all water-soluble nutrient sources.

This makes Ultrasol® K Plus one of a kind, the most universal and the most efficient source of water-soluble potassium.

Advantages of Ultrasol® K Plus:

  • Ultrasol® K Plus covers the crop’s potassium requirements without excess sulphate or chlorine. It is the most suitable source of potassium under alkaline and salt conditions.
  • Ultrasol® K Plus contains nitrogen in the form of nitrate, which is the most efficient source of nitrogen for plant growth. Nitrate is non-volatile and increases potassium (K +) uptake along with essential cations such as calcium (Ca ++) and magnesium (Mg ++). The use of potassium nitrate is necessary to increase the ratio of nitrate nitrogen (NO3–) to ammonium (NH4 +), which has a positive effect on the plant at all stages of growth.
  • Thanks to the high K / N ratio, Ultrasol® K Plus is the optimal source of balanced potassium and nitrogen nutrition during the generative phases of plant production.
  • Ultrasol® K Plus can be mixed with all water-soluble fertilizers and dissolves quickly in it.

Saletra potasowa granulowana

Granulated potassium nitrate QROP®K Plus is a source of potassium that provides quickly absorbable nitrate nitrogen – a source of nitrogen preferred by plants. QROP®K Plus granules are characterized by higher endurance. They perform better in abrasion and impact tests, resulting in less product loss in handling and other logistics activities. Thanks to the granule size of 270-290, the product is perfect for mixing with other fertilizers.

QROP®K Plus changes the rules of the game on the bulk blend fertilizer market because it is a chloride-free source of potassium and a safe source of nitrate nitrogen.

Agricultural benefits of using nitrates and potassium:

  • Nitrate promotes the uptake of potassium, calcium, magnesium, copper, iron, manganese and zinc. In addition, it effectively inhibits the uptake of chloride. Nitrate nitrogen is a fast-acting and easily soluble nitrogen source for the plant. Nitrate nitrogen is directly available for root uptake, independent of the activity of the nitrifying bacteria. Nitrate is therefore the preferred nitrogen source for spring applications when soil temperatures are still low due to the limited conversion of urea and ammonia to nitrates in cold soils.
  • Sufficient potassium in crops is essential for optimal efficiency, as potassium is an essential nutrient for yield and quality. In particular, it increases the sugar content of fruits and the shelf life of fruits and vegetables. Synergistic uptake of potassium by nitrate improves the yield and quality of all cultivated plants.

Benefits of using the product QROP®K Plus:

  • Ease to use
    Ideally suited for sprinkling application in fruit crops, both in basic and late top dressing. It also works well as a valuable fertilizer in crops under cover on organic substrates. It dissolves quickly when exposed to moisture in the soil, allowing plants to absorb nutrients easily. The granules can be easily incorporated into the fertilization plan for use in any phase of plant growth.
  • Safe for chloride-sensitive crops
    Virtually free from chlorides, which are often found in other granular fertilizers. Excessive use of chloride may adversely affect the yield and its quality. QROP®K Plus is the preferred source of potassium due to the presence of nitrogen in the form of 100% nitrate (NO3). Nitrates are antagonistic to chlorides (Cl) in soil or water.
  • Favorable when grown under salinity conditions
    It can be used on the cultivation of tobacco, potatoes, tomatoes, peppers, melons, watermelons, flowers, fruit trees (apple, vine, stone fruit, kiwi, avocado and citrus), nuts, etc.
  • It does not acidify the soil
    Due to its properties of enriching the soil directly with nitrate nitrogen, there are no reactions releasing protons and acidifying the soil, as in the case of the ammonium group. Additionally, when the plant absorbs nitrate ions, it releases OH- anions in the root zone, which counteracts the effect of acidifying fertilizers.
  • QROP®K Plus packaging is not classified according to IMO 5.1 (oxidizing substance)
    Safer, easier and more economical transport, handling and storage due to less restrictive regulations.

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