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Horticultural substrates

Horticultural substrates

Comeco substrates

Comeco substrates

Comeco peats

Sphagnum peat packed in Botanica Professional packages comes from the best peat bogs in Europe. It is a perfectly matched mixture of peat collected with a modern milling technique and brick peat.

The offer includes acid peat with a pH of 3.5 – 4.5 and de-acidified peat with a pH of 5.5 – 6.5.

Both sour peat and deacidified peat are an excellent basis for the production of your own substrates. They do not contain fertilizer. They regulate water-air relations, improve the structure of weak, heavy and catchment soils.

Acid peat, as well as de-acidified peat can be an addition to composts, they support the formation of humus. Botanica Professional peat contains easily decomposable organic matter, thus providing humus. It regulates the water relations in the soil and restores its biological balance.


  • 250l bag
  • big log 6m3

Comeco flower substrates

The flower substrate is intended for ornamental plants, especially balcony and bedding flowers. The structure of the Botanica Professional substrate allows it to be used in gardens to improve soil properties.

The composition of miller peat and brick peat, as well as the ideally kept proportion between light and dark peat, makes the flower bed perfectly absorb and retain moisture. Excellent air-sorption properties guarantee plants ideal conditions for development.

NPK fertilizer + microelements in the amount of 1 kg per 1 m3 were used. The pH value is in the range of 5.5 – 6.5. The use of the FIBA ​​ZORB humidifier ensures that the substrate maintains constant, adequate humidity.

Botanica flower substrate should be used for potting flowers and perennials.

Packaging: 250l bag

Botanica Professional substrates

Botanica Professional is a full range of specialized peat substrates. Perfectly developed recipes make it possible to use Botanica substrates for specific crops, specific and demanding plants.
Thanks to their high quality and repeatability, Botanica Professional substrates work well in various growing and plant breeding conditions. Each recipe of the substrate is the result of many years of experience, repeatedly tried and tested compositions. Full professionalism and commitment during production, make Botanica Professional substrates meet the expectations of professional gardeners and are gaining more and more popularity around the world.

Currently, the degree of specialization of plant producers is very high. Customers’ expectations towards peat substrates are growing. An important stage of production is the selection of the right substrate, the next stage, which is decisive for success in production, is the use of the best fertilizers.

To meet these expectations, we offer a reliable and comprehensive product. Thanks to cooperation with EVERRIS, which continues the more than 125-year tradition of Scotts, we offer peat substrates enriched with fertilizers of the highest quality. Thanks to common experience, Botanica Professional’s offer includes peat substrates specially prepared for container cultivation in nurseries and for other ornamental plants.

Packaging: 250l bag

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